Can I complain?

EU and EEA EFTA citizens, and their family members, have a right to be treated fairly in the UK and Gibraltar. If you have not been treated fairly, tell us about it.

We need to know where things are not working so that we can take action to fix things. That is why it is vital that we hear from you. The IMA does not directly resolve individual complaints and does not replace existing complaints processes that involve individual decisions. We look for issues that affect many people.

You can register and report a breach of your rights through our complaint’s portal below.

If you have already registered and made a complaint to us, you can sign in to amend or view your complaint.

What’s involved?

Find out what’s involved in the complaints process and how we use the information you provide to us.

Your rights

It's important to understand your rights so you know if they are not being implemented properly. We’ve provided some scenarios to help you recognise when this might happen.

Report a complaint

You can submit a complaint to the IMA via our complaints portal.


We publish all our engagements with public bodies as well as any legal proceedings or details of inquiries.