Issues and outcomes

We publish all our engagements with public bodies, as well as the issues we are aware of or investigating. Most of our engagements result in either a No Further Action or an Early Case Resolution.

A No Further Action is when the IMA has been in dialogue with public bodies about certain issues and no further action has been taken, however; this does not prevent the IMA from intervening or taking action at a later date.

An Early Case Resolution may be agreed between the IMA and a public authority where this would enable existing or potential, systemic or general failures to be identified and addressed without the need for the IMA to undertake a full inquiry.

Sometimes we may feel that a failure by a UK public body to implement the citizens rights agreement warrants a full Inquiry. This could result in legal proceedings in which a judge will review the law.

We also monitor legislation to help identify any issues that may arise, and use this to inform our work.


Looking for legislation monitoring reports?

This page contains reports of all legislation monitored by the IMA. Our reports explain whether any legal changes are compatible with the Citizens’ Rights Agreements. They help citizens to better understand their rights and can highlight where things may have gone wrong to assist public authorities to avoid similar issues.