Date Published: 09.04.2024
Status: Present
Type: Residence
Outcome: Early case resolution

EUSS Family Permit

Summary of Information

Following intelligence received from stakeholders and complaints directly from citizens, the IMA raised concerns with the Home Office that some citizens may not be having their EUSS family permit issued “as soon as possible, and on the basis of an accelerated procedure” in accordance with the requirements in the Citizen’s Rights Agreements.

Summary of Actions and Evidence

The IMA met with the Home Office to discuss the concerns. Through these meetings, the Home Office was able to show key areas of improvements that it has put in place over the last 12 months to help enhance the customer journey, streamline decision-making processes, and increase productivity with EUSS family permit applications. The Home Office also informed the IMA that additional resources have since been provided to the EUSS family permit team. The Home Office explained that some cases can still take longer where they become “complex” for such reasons as safeguarding checks and overseas marriage interviews needing to take place.

Summary of Decision

Following these discussions, the IMA will monitor the Home Office’s compliance with these actions with an end date of 31 January 2025. An update will be published at the end of the monitoring phase.

However, should the IMA receive any further information or complaints about this or related issues, these will be considered on their merits and in line with the IMA’s internal processes, and the IMA remains able to take further action on this issue in future in accordance with its statutory functions should this be needed.

Does this issue affect you?

The complaints submitted to us help build a picture of where there are common, wide-reaching, or systemic issues with how UK public bodies are implementing the Withdrawal Agreement(s) for EU and EEA EFTA citizens’ rights.