IMA launches website Issues Log to inform public of work to uphold EU citizens’ rights

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Citizens, advocacy groups and other interested individuals will be able to view the issues being investigated by the Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens’ Rights Agreements (IMA) in a new website dashboard launched today (Tuesday 26 April).

The Issues Log enables users to view details of topics being considered by the IMA as well as the action taken. The IMA considers areas of concern based on complaints reported by affected citizens, through its own monitoring of how public bodies in the UK and Gibraltar are protecting the rights of citizens, or through information gathered via its work.

The new dashboard will be regularly updated and increases transparency about the organisation’s operations and raises awareness amongst EU and EEA EFTA citizens living in the UK and Gibraltar about their rights.

The majority of work currently being undertaken by the IMA relates to the EU Settlement Scheme, with some of the issues first raised as part of the IMA’s Call for Evidence on the scheme last year. These include problems using share codes to access pre-settled or settled status and updating personal details.

Dr Kathryn Chamberlain, IMA Chief Executive said:

“Our values state that we are transparent in the way we operate, and we make impartial decisions that put citizens at the heart of what we do. The Issues Log will support those values.

“The EU Settlement Scheme is currently an area of focus for the IMA. We are continuing to examine some of the problems associated with the scheme to assess what impact they are having on the ability of individuals to exercise their rights. The Issues Log will provide a useful source of information for those looking for updates on how we are carrying out our duty to uphold citizens’ rights.”